DrugCite Tools

DrugCite App for Android

The DrugCite Android app is free. Try it out!

iGoogle Gadget

The Drugcite iGoogle Gadget lets you embed the DrugCite drug safety engine in your iGoogle homepage. Try it out!

Chart Builder

The DrugCite Chart Builder is a simple tool that allows you to build a custom chart for printing or embedding in your own blog or website. The DrugCite Chart Builder also lets you choose any category of the MedDRA adverse event tree.
Give it a go! http://www.drugcite.com/charts.

Adverse Event Calculator

The Adverse Event Calculator is built on the Naranjo algorithm. This simple tool helps you identify the probability of an adverse event being associated with a drug.
Try it out at http://www.drugcite.com/app/naranjo.

Adverse Event Navigator

The Adverse Event Navigator lets you view aggregated reports for any level in the MedDRA hierarchy. Currently this application only works in Firefox and Internet Explorer (there are known issues with google chrome and the andriod OS).
Try it out at http://www.drugcite.com/aenav/.

DrugCite Mobile

The DrugCite Mobile application is a simplified version of the DrugCite drug safety search engine, but scaled down to load faster on your phone and give you the primary drug safety profile. For physicians, it makes referencing drug safety data at the bedside quick and easy. Try it out at http://www.drugcite.com/m/
DrugCite Mobile AERS Application