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Oxygen Adverse Events Reported to the FDA Over Time

How are Oxygen adverse event reports trending over time?

This graph shows volume of adverse events submitted to the FDA by quarter for Oxygen, as well as related generic and/or brandname drugs containing the same primary active ingredients. Adverse events are counted if Oxygen is flagged as the suspect drug causing the adverse event.

Most Common Oxygen Adverse Events Reported to the FDA

What are the most common Oxygen adverse events reported to the FDA?

36 (1.54%)
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disea...
35 (1.5%)
32 (1.37%)
Lung Neoplasm Malignant
28 (1.2%)
23 (.98%)
23 (.98%)
Drug Exposure During Pregnancy
21 (.9%)
21 (.9%)
20 (.86%)
Post Procedural Complication
19 (.81%)
18 (.77%)
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Oxygen Saturation Decreased
18 (.77%)
18 (.77%)
18 (.77%)
Drug Ineffective
17 (.73%)
17 (.73%)
17 (.73%)
Abdominal Distension
16 (.68%)
Acute Hepatic Failure
16 (.68%)
Cardiac Arrest
16 (.68%)
16 (.68%)
Metabolic Acidosis
15 (.64%)
14 (.6%)
Caesarean Section
14 (.6%)
Drug Interaction
14 (.6%)
Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
14 (.6%)
Anaesthetic Complication
13 (.56%)
13 (.56%)
13 (.56%)
12 (.51%)
Blood Pressure Decreased
12 (.51%)
Respiratory Arrest
12 (.51%)
Ventricular Fibrillation
12 (.51%)
11 (.47%)
Cardiac Failure Congestive
11 (.47%)
11 (.47%)
11 (.47%)
11 (.47%)
11 (.47%)
Liver Function Test Abnormal
11 (.47%)
Mitral Valve Incompetence
11 (.47%)
11 (.47%)
Pulmonary Oedema
11 (.47%)
Respiratory Failure
11 (.47%)
Abscess Jaw
10 (.43%)
10 (.43%)
10 (.43%)
Blood Homocysteine Increased
10 (.43%)
Bone Disorder
10 (.43%)
Bone Erosion
10 (.43%)
10 (.43%)
10 (.43%)
Conjunctival Pallor
10 (.43%)
10 (.43%)
Foot Fracture
10 (.43%)
Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage
10 (.43%)
10 (.43%)
10 (.43%)
Impaired Healing
10 (.43%)
10 (.43%)
Intervertebral Disc Protrusion
10 (.43%)
Loss Of Consciousness
10 (.43%)
Metastases To Soft Tissue
10 (.43%)
Oral Discomfort
10 (.43%)
Oral Disorder
10 (.43%)
Oral Infection
10 (.43%)
10 (.43%)
Pain In Jaw
10 (.43%)
Premature Baby
10 (.43%)
10 (.43%)
Rib Fracture
10 (.43%)
10 (.43%)
Tooth Disorder
10 (.43%)
Urinary Incontinence
10 (.43%)
Visual Field Defect
10 (.43%)
X-ray Abnormal
10 (.43%)
Cerebral Ischaemia
9 (.39%)
9 (.39%)
Heart Rate Increased
9 (.39%)
Migraine With Aura
9 (.39%)
Operative Haemorrhage
9 (.39%)
Swelling Face
9 (.39%)
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
9 (.39%)
9 (.39%)
8 (.34%)
8 (.34%)
Cardiac Murmur
8 (.34%)
8 (.34%)
8 (.34%)
Condition Aggravated
8 (.34%)
8 (.34%)
Drug Toxicity
8 (.34%)
8 (.34%)
Facet Joint Syndrome
8 (.34%)
8 (.34%)
Hepatic Failure
8 (.34%)
Intervertebral Disc Space Narrowing
8 (.34%)
Ligament Disorder
8 (.34%)
Liver Disorder
8 (.34%)
Po2 Decreased
8 (.34%)
Premature Labour
8 (.34%)

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This graph shows the top adverse events submitted to the FDA for Oxygen, as well as related generic and/or brandname drugs containing the same primary active ingredients, from Q1 2004 to Q3 2012. Adverse events are counted if Oxygen is flagged as a suspect drug causing the adverse event. For each adverse event listed, percent (%) represents percentage of the adverse event to all adverse events reported for the drug. Percent does not represent a rate related to drug utilization.

Adverse Event Categories for Oxygen

What are the most common Oxygen adverse events reported to the FDA?

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This graph shows the top categories of adverse events submitted to the FDA for Oxygen, as well as related generic and/or brandname drugs containing the same primary active ingredients, from Q1 2004 to Q3 2012. Adverse events are counted if Oxygen is flagged as a suspect drug causing the adverse event. For each adverse event listed, percent (%) represents percentage of the adverse event to all adverse events reported for the drug. Percent does not represent a rate related to drug utilization.

Common Uses of Oxygen According to Those Reporting Adverse Events

Why are people taking Oxygen, according to those reporting adverse events to the FDA?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disea...
Drug Use For Unknown Indication
Maintenance Of Anaesthesia
Product Used For Unknown Indication
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Sleep Apnoea Syndrome
General Anaesthesia
Induction Of Anaesthesia
Oxygen Saturation Decreased
Oxygen Supplementation
Pulmonary Hypertension
Respiratory Failure
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Induction And Maintenance Of Anaest...
Lung Disorder
Interstitial Lung Disease
Pulmonary Fibrosis
Respiratory Disorder
Respiratory Distress
Chronic Respiratory Failure
Mechanical Ventilation
Lung Infiltration
Varicose Vein Operation
Ill-defined Disorder
Cardiac Disorder
Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndr...
Cardiac Failure Congestive
Life Support
Intervertebral Discitis
Drug Exposure During Pregnancy
Diffuse Panbronchiolitis
Renal Cell Carcinoma
Cluster Headache
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia
Bronchitis Chronic
Chest Pain
Loss Of Consciousness
Anaesthesia Reversal

Drug Labels

OxygenWenzl Drug, Inc29-JUN-09
OxygenHill Country Medical28-AUG-09
OxygenSouth East Alaska Medical Suppliers Inc. 31-AUG-09
OxygenFirst Choice Medical Equipment Inc.04-SEP-09
OxygenRX O2 Oxygen & Medical Equipment Supply08-SEP-09
OxygenRoadRunner Oxygen Service, Inc.10-SEP-09
OxygenBoll Medical Inc.11-SEP-09
OxygenYoungstown Oxygen & Welding Supply, Inc.12-SEP-09
OxygenBuckeye Home Health Center, Inc.14-SEP-09
Tri-med MedicalAirGas East14-SEP-09
OxygenBroadway Medical Service & Supply, Inc. 14-SEP-09
OxygenRandle Respiratory Care, Inc. 15-SEP-09
OxygenB&K; Prescription Shop15-SEP-09
Oxygen, Refrigerated LiquidAirGas East17-SEP-09
OxygenFamily Medical Supply Inc.21-SEP-09
OxygenB&K; Home Medical Services, Inc. 24-SEP-09
Oxygen4c21e554-d402-480d-896d-8185c05c7863Gases Plus Norco, LLC24-SEP-09
OxygenVNA Homecare Services25-SEP-09
Liquid OxygenCommunity Home Health Services28-SEP-09
OxygenLink Medical, Inc.30-SEP-09
OxygenAir Liquide America LP01-OCT-09
OxygenComfort Medical01-OCT-09
OxygenGriffin Home Health Care, Inc.01-OCT-09
OxygenApex of St. Peters01-OCT-09
OxygenMax's Breathe Easy Gases & Supplies, Inc.06-OCT-09
OxygenFitzsimmons Surgical Supply, Inc06-OCT-09
OxygenCox Health Home Support07-OCT-09
OxygenApollo Services Inc.09-OCT-09
OxygenSeventh Street Medical Supply, Inc12-OCT-09
OxygenOsborn Drugs Inc14-OCT-09
OxygenScheffe RX Inc14-OCT-09
OxygenOzarc Gas Equipment Supply Inc20-OCT-09
OxygenMedQuest, Inc.21-OCT-09
OxygenFoothill Oxygen Service, Inc.22-OCT-09
OxygenCommunity Medical Equipment22-OCT-09
OxygenDillon Medical Supply23-OCT-09
OxygenRogers Pharmacy23-OCT-09
OxygenOzarc Gas Equipment Supply Inc23-OCT-09
OxygenPromptcare Companies Inc.23-OCT-09
OxygenA.M. Home Diagnostics Inc. dba Healthline26-OCT-09
OxygenResp-I-Care, Inc. 26-OCT-09
OxygenCareFirst of Fort Wayne, Inc. dba Advanced Healthcare26-OCT-09
Oxygen Medox Healthcare26-OCT-09
OxygenMt. Vernon Community Pharmacy, Inc. d/b/a The Medicine Shoppe27-OCT-09
OxygenAdvacare Home Services28-OCT-09
OxygenSupport Medical Company28-OCT-09
OxygenMedox Healthcare28-OCT-09
OxygenAdvanced Medical Equipment, LLC28-OCT-09
OxygenPhysician's Choice Medical, LLC29-OCT-09
OxygenRTA Homecare, Inc.29-OCT-09
OxygenFrances Mahon Deaconess Hospital Home Oxygen29-OCT-09
OxygenWilkinson Pharmacy, Inc.29-OCT-09
OxygenFreedom Medical 30-OCT-09
OxygenGreat Plains Homecare Equipment30-OCT-09
OxygenBennett Medical Services30-OCT-09
OxygenHeckman Healthcare Service & Supplies Inc30-OCT-09
OxygenGoodCare by CPCI30-OCT-09
OxygenSpecial Care Medical 02-NOV-09
OxygenAdvacare Medical Services, Inc. dba Petersen Medical03-NOV-09
NitrogenBoggs Gases div. Boggs Fire Equipment04-NOV-09
Nitrous OxideBoggs Gases div. Boggs Fire Equipment04-NOV-09
OxygenBoggs Gases div. Boggs Fire Equipment04-NOV-09
OxygenAllen's Cylinder Testing & Inspection Company04-NOV-09
OxygenLife Quality Home Healthcare, Inc. 04-NOV-09
OxygenRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.05-NOV-09
OxygenRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.05-NOV-09
OxygenAmerican Welding & Gas06-NOV-09
OxygenRoberts Home Medical, Inc.06-NOV-09
OxygenAdvanced Health Services, Inc. 09-NOV-09
OxygenWestmoreland Medical Equipment Company10-NOV-09
OxygenBrowning's Pharmacy and Healthcare Inc.11-NOV-09
OxygenArizona Respiratory & Medical Supply Services, Inc.11-NOV-09
OxygenAlegent Health11-NOV-09
OxygenAretsia Medical Supply11-NOV-09
OxygenFullerton Welding Supply12-NOV-09
OxygenCache Valley Oxygen12-NOV-09
OxygenScott Medical Supply Inc. 12-NOV-09
OxygenDanes Welding Supplies Inc. 12-NOV-09
OxygenCedar Mountain Respiratory, Inc. 13-NOV-09
OxygenOrsini Home Medical Equipment Inc.14-NOV-09
OxygenJ & L Medical Services LLC16-NOV-09
OxygenITC Medical Supplies16-NOV-09
OxygenFairbanks Memorial Hospital- Home Medical Equipment17-NOV-09
OxygenLinweld, Inc.17-NOV-09
OxygenAtlantic Medical Inc.17-NOV-09
OxygenBanner Home Care of Arizona 17-NOV-09
OxygenHome MediService, Inc.17-NOV-09
OxygenTHH Acquisition LLC I dba Total Home Health 18-NOV-09
OxygenCorner Medical 18-NOV-09
OxygenMedic Rescue Health Care Company18-NOV-09
OxygenHome Respiratory Therapy and Equipment, Inc.18-NOV-09
OxygenBaker's Gas & Welding Supplies18-NOV-09
Oxygen-helium MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.19-NOV-09
OxygenAll American Medical Equipment, Inc. 20-NOV-09
OxygenWestern Reserve Home Medical Eq.20-NOV-09
Oxygen-helium MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.20-NOV-09
Oxygen-helium MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.20-NOV-09
Oxygen-helium MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.20-NOV-09
Oxygen-helium MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.20-NOV-09
OxygenBGR Enterprises, Inc. dba Penn Oxygen & Supply Company20-NOV-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.27-NOV-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.27-NOV-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.27-NOV-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.30-NOV-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.30-NOV-09
OxygenAir-Way Medical, Inc. 30-NOV-09
Oxygen-carbon Dioxide MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.30-NOV-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.30-NOV-09
OxygenKadence Healthcare, Inc. 30-NOV-09
OxygenColumbia Medical Equipment, Inc.30-NOV-09
OxygenJTW Inc. DBA Milburn Pharmacy30-NOV-09
OxygenBuffalo Wheelchair dba Naples Oxygen01-DEC-09
Oxygen-carbon Dioxide MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.01-DEC-09
Oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.02-DEC-09
OxygenHeart of the Ozarks Medical Equipment02-DEC-09
OxygenComplete Care Inc02-DEC-09
Oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.02-DEC-09
Oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.02-DEC-09
Helium-oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.02-DEC-09
OxygenDenman Services, Inc.02-DEC-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.03-DEC-09
Oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.03-DEC-09
OxygenSuper Care Inc03-DEC-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.03-DEC-09
Oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.03-DEC-09
Oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.03-DEC-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.03-DEC-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.03-DEC-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.03-DEC-09
Oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.03-DEC-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.03-DEC-09
Carbon Dioxide-oxygen-nitrogen MixtureRoberts Oxygen Company, Inc.03-DEC-09
OxygenPhilCare Home Medical Equipment, Inc.03-DEC-09
OxygenJCMH Home Health Products04-DEC-09
OxygenHome Care Medical, Inc04-DEC-09
OxygenWilliams Medical Supply, Inc.04-DEC-09
OxygenLaramie Respiratory Service07-DEC-09
OxygenBanner Home Medical Equipment08-DEC-09
OxygenCentral Medical Equipment Co.11-DEC-09
OxygenShasta Welding Supply, Inc.14-DEC-09
OxygenGrandview Hospital DBA Grandview Medical Company15-DEC-09
OxygenGammie Home Care, Inc. 15-DEC-09
OxygenLehigh Valley Respiratory Care, Lancaster15-DEC-09
OxygenGreat Lakes Home Healthcare Services15-DEC-09
OxygenJohns Hopkins Pharmaquip15-DEC-09
OxygenHomeside Healthcare, Inc. 17-DEC-09
OxygenQuality Home Healthcare, Inc. 17-DEC-09
OxygenNordan Smith Welding Supply17-DEC-09
OxygenHaun Welding Supply, Inc.17-DEC-09
OxygenHaun Welding Supply, Inc.17-DEC-09
OxygenSonora Regional Medical Center dba Sonora Oxygen & Medical Supply18-DEC-09
OxygenDetroit Oxygen & Medical Equipment Co.18-DEC-09
OxygenDeborah Stubblefield dba Respiratory Services18-DEC-09
OxygenDiamond Drugs Inc. dba Diamond Medical Supply18-DEC-09
OxygenRichmond Respiratory & Medical Supply18-DEC-09
OxygenRespiratory Home Care Specialists, Inc. 18-DEC-09
OxygenHome Health Depot18-DEC-09
OxygenCumberland Medical Center- Medical Equipment Services21-DEC-09
OxygenEME Medical Equipment (Ephrata Medical Equip.)21-DEC-09
OxygenAmerican Home Medical Equipment Co. LLC21-DEC-09
OxygenDressel Welding Supply, Inc.22-DEC-09
OxygenDressel Welding Supply, Inc.22-DEC-09
OxygenPacific Island Medical, Inc.23-DEC-09
OxygenWesco gas & Welding Supply Inc23-DEC-09
OxygenCorner Homecare23-DEC-09
OxygenRiverside Health Equipment23-DEC-09
OxygenSpeedy Inc.23-DEC-09
OxygenProfessional PRN LLC dba Northside Oxygen & Medical Equipment24-DEC-09
OxygenGeorgia Respiratory HomeCare & Medical Equipment LLC24-DEC-09
OxygenKC's Medical Home Care Supplies, Inc. 24-DEC-09
OxygenAlpine Home Medical Equipment28-DEC-09
OxygenWHABA Medical, Inc. 28-DEC-09
OxygenWright & Filippis, Inc.29-DEC-09
OxygenMed-Core Services, Inc.30-DEC-09
OxygenP & R Home IV Service30-DEC-09
OxygenPlaza Home Care, Inc. 30-DEC-09
OxygenTriweld Industries, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenAir Products and Chemicals, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenHampton Homecare01-JAN-10
OxygenA.V. Pulmonary Care01-JAN-10
OxygenHome Care Medical LLC01-JAN-10
OxygenGas Innovations LLC01-JAN-10
OxygenEastern Welding Supply, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenGreene Respiratory Services, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenBadger Welding Supplies, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenGenter Healthcare, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenYoung Welding Supply, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenAir Source Industries Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenB-Pharm, Inc dba Remedies Medical Equipment01-JAN-10
OxygenAlternacare Home Health Services01-JAN-10
OxygenMedical Home Care, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenJames C. Dawes Company, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenCMS Imaging Inc dba Medco01-JAN-10
OxygenThe 3700 Company LLC dba Air Options Respiratory Care01-JAN-10
OxygenSchryver Medical Sales and Marketing, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenUnited States Welding, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenSexton Weldilng Supply Co., Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenUniversity of Michigan Health System dba MedEquip01-JAN-10
OxygenCapweld Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenADF Welding & Medical, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenBernens Convalescent Pharmacy, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenNorth Central Respiratory, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenMid South Welding Supply, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenSeaboard Welding Supply Co., Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenSound Oxygen Service, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenWelder Services Of Fort Wayne, Inc. 01-JAN-10
OxygenDixie Welding Supply Co, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenKalispell Medical Equipment01-JAN-10
OxygenJohnson Drug Company, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenHutchinson Healthcare Services, Inc. dba Health-E-Quip01-JAN-10
OxygenOxygen Plus LLC01-JAN-10
OxygenFerguson Industrial Gases dba Ferguson Enterprises01-JAN-10
OxygenBuffalo Welding Corp01-JAN-10
OxygenLewin Medical Supply01-JAN-10
OxygenCryogenic Medical Gases, LLC01-JAN-10
OxygenAdirondack Compressed Gases, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenMcDonald Welding Supply, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenRidgeview Home Medical Equipment01-JAN-10
OxygenMiddlesex Welding Sales Co, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenSpectrum Gas Products, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenAir Systems of Illinois, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenWelders Supply - Raimy Corporation01-JAN-10
OxygenBill Munn Supply Inc, dba Munn Supply01-JAN-10
OxygenLampton Welding Supply Company, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenCompressed Gases Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenRochester Welding Supply Corp.01-JAN-10
OxygenAirweld, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenLandauer Metropolitan, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenReliance Oxygen & Equipment01-JAN-10
OxygenAtlantic Welding Supply01-JAN-10
OxygenLiberty Health Supplies, LLC01-JAN-10
OxygenACS Medical LLC01-JAN-10
OxygenA-Welders and Medical Supply, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenAtlanta Medical Gas LLC01-JAN-10
OxygenAtlanta Medical Gas LLC01-JAN-10
OxygenAllina Home Oxygen and Medical Equipment01-JAN-10
OxygenAll Saints Home Medical01-JAN-10
OxygenArgyle Welding Supply Co. Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenFlint Welding Supply Company01-JAN-10
OxygenGano Welding Supplies, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenMerwin Home Medical dba Robin Drup Corp.01-JAN-10
OxygenO2 Plus, Inc01-JAN-10
Oxygen Genesis Respiratory Services01-JAN-10
OxygenCalmar dba A&R; Medical Supply01-JAN-10
OxygenRespitek Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenTerre Haute Home Health Care Products dba Anderson's Medical Products01-JAN-10
OxygenJackson Welding Supply Company, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenGilmore Liquid Air Company01-JAN-10
OxygenExpress Medical Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenAmerican Oxygen Company, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenSims Welding Supply Co, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenBaystate Home Infusion & Respiratory Services01-JAN-10
OxygenMajor Medical Supply LLC01-JAN-10
OxygenAtlas Welding Supply Co., Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenAmeri-Quipt of North Carolina, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenRed River Welding Supply Co. dba McGinnis Welding Supply Co01-JAN-10
OxygenPrest-O-Sales & Service Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenBreathe Easy Therapeutics, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenCrumpton Welding Supply & Equipment, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenJames Supply and Rental Company01-JAN-10
OxygenAspen Air US Corp01-JAN-10
OxygenMcKnight Inc. dba McKnight Medical01-JAN-10
OxygenBlue Water Industrial Products, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenO.E. Meyer Company01-JAN-10
OxygenGulf Medical Services, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenDubois Medical Supply Company, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenDel Rio Welders Equipment, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenMountain Valley Home Medical Equipment, Inc01-JAN-10
OxygenSaginaw Weldilng Supply Company01-JAN-10
OxygenSpecialty Gases of America01-JAN-10
OxygenEnos Home Oxygen Therapy, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenBronx Welding Supply01-JAN-10
OxygenGreenville Truck and Welding Supplies LLC01-JAN-10
OxygenIndiana Oxygen Company, Inc.01-JAN-10
OxygenCranston Welding Supply Company01-JAN-10
OxygenPremier Medical Corporation01-JAN-10
OxygenCape Medical Supply, Inc02-JAN-10
OxygenArroyo Medical Supply dba Zia Health Care02-JAN-10
OxygenBay State Medical, Inc. 04-JAN-10
OxygenLowry Drug Company Inc. 05-JAN-10
OxygenAmbercare Medical Supply Co. 05-JAN-10
OxygenAmerican Welding & Gas05-JAN-10
OxygenParkmor Drug Inc. 05-JAN-10
OxygenAmerican Homecare Specialists, Inc. 06-JAN-10
OxygenFleming County Hospital Home Medical Equipment06-JAN-10
OxygenClay Home Medical06-JAN-10
OxygenBuckeye Welding Supply Co Inc. 06-JAN-10
OxygenPure Oxygen Services06-JAN-10
OxygenMichael R. Schroeder dba Respiratory Medical Services 07-JAN-10
OxygenAmerican Home Health Care, Inc.11-JAN-10
Southern Medical Oxygen, CompressedMichael R. Mullins II Inc. dba Southern Medical11-JAN-10
OxygenCommunity Oxygen Services11-JAN-10
OxygenHawaii Home Infusion Associates, Ltd.11-JAN-10
OxygenAmerican Medical Gas LLC12-JAN-10
OxygenComplete Care Medical Inc.12-JAN-10
OxygenSunrise Medical Supply, Inc. dba American Medical Oxygen 13-JAN-10
OxygenA & D Healthcare (Equipment Repair)13-JAN-10
OxygenRespatech LLC13-JAN-10
OxygenYosemite Medical Supply14-JAN-10
OxygenHaun Specialty Gases, Inc.20-JAN-10
OxygenAmerican Welding & Gas04-FEB-10
Babor Skinovage Oxygen EnergizingcpBabor Cosmetics America, Corp.04-FEB-10
OxygenGarrett County Memorial Hospital 04-FEB-10
OxygenService Drug04-FEB-10
OxygenCentrad Healthcare, LLC09-FEB-10
OxygenAmerican Welding & Gas16-FEB-10
Oxygen, Refrigerated LiquidHome Respiratory Services, Inc.18-FEB-10
OxygenUptown Pharmacy of Kingsman18-FEB-10
OxygenInland Welding Supply dba A-L Compressed Gases19-FEB-10
OxygenBishop Welding Supply19-FEB-10
OxygenCoastal Welding Supply, Inc.19-FEB-10
OxygenAmerican Welding & Gas19-FEB-10
OxygenFresno Oxygen and Welding Suppliers19-FEB-10
OxygenAmerican Welding & Gas19-FEB-10
OxygenCR Pharmacy Services, Inc.19-FEB-10
Oxygen Memorial Home Care25-FEB-10
OxygenHorn's Medical Supply, Inc.26-FEB-10
OxygenAll American Welding Supply Inc04-MAR-10
OxygenC&C; Oxygen Company10-MAR-10
OxygenFour Corners Welding and Gas Supply10-MAR-10
OxygenAir Liquide Large Industries U.S. LP10-MAR-10
NitrogenAir Liquide Large Industries U.S. LP10-MAR-10
OxygenLandmark Healthcare, Inc.10-MAR-10
NitrogenAir Liquide Industrial U.S. LP10-MAR-10
Oxygen Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP10-MAR-10
OxygenHome Equipment Assoc Inc dba Healthwise11-MAR-10
OxygenLegacy Durable Medical Equipment Inc12-MAR-10
OxygenOxarc, Inc.12-MAR-10
OxygenSheSham, Inc. T/A Wilson Supply12-MAR-10
OxygenMorgan Medical Equipment & Supply15-MAR-10
OxygenWeCare Medical LLC17-MAR-10
OxygenOhio Air Products of Canton, Inc.26-MAR-10
OxygenModern Welding Company, Inc.26-MAR-10
OxygenGarland Welding Supply Company29-MAR-10
OxygenTerjan Co., Inc. DBA Valley Welding Supply Company30-MAR-10
OxygenAirgas Northern California and Nevada, Inc.02-APR-10
OxygenHalifax Medical Equipment08-APR-10
OxygenCare Medical Oxygen and Home Supplies12-APR-10
OxygenSuperior Welding Supply Co19-APR-10
OxygenMilner Rushing Home Care21-APR-10
OxygenIvey Industries23-APR-10
OxygenS & S Drug Inc. 27-APR-10
OxygenAGL Inhalation Therapy Co.29-APR-10
Oxygen Helium Mixture 30/70AGL Inhalation Therapy Co.29-APR-10
Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Mixture 5/95AGL Inhalation Therapy Co.29-APR-10
OxygenAirgas-West, Inc.29-APR-10
Oxygen Carbon Dioxide MixAirgas-West, Inc.30-APR-10
OxygenDelille Oxygen Company30-APR-10
Helium Oxygen MixAirgas-West, Inc.30-APR-10
OxygenIvey Industries03-MAY-10
OxygenT & C Flynn's Pharmacy Inc05-MAY-10
OxygenGreco Gas Inc06-MAY-10
Oxygen Helium Mixture 20/80AGL Inhalation Therapy Co.06-MAY-10
OxygenAbilene Oxygen Inc.17-MAY-10
OxygenAirgas Southwest, Inc.17-MAY-10
OxygenIsland Supply Welding Co17-MAY-10
OxygenSouthern ILlinois Surgical Appliance Co17-MAY-10
OxygenJackson Welding Supply Co Inc.17-MAY-10
OxygenOxygen One, Inc.17-MAY-10
OxygenKern Medical Inc dba DASCO Home Medical Equipment18-MAY-10
OxygenJim's Pharmacy24-MAY-10
OxygenCentura Home Oxygen25-MAY-10
OxygenAero All Gas Company25-MAY-10
Oxygen Helium Mixture 40/60Aero All Gas Company25-MAY-10
OxygenCentral McGowan Inc25-MAY-10
OxygenGT Industries Inc25-MAY-10
Oxygen Helium MixtureAero All Gas Company25-MAY-10
OxygenM & A Welding Supply Co., Inc27-MAY-10
Helium Oxygen Mix 70/30Airgas-West, Inc.27-MAY-10
Helium Oxygen Mix 80/20Airgas-West, Inc.27-MAY-10
OxygenMemorial Home Services of Central Illinois, Inc28-MAY-10
OxygenCounty Welding Supply Co.28-MAY-10
OxygenRCS Management Corporation28-MAY-10
OxygenAir Liquide America L.P.01-JUN-10
OxygenAir Liquide America L.P.01-JUN-10
OxygenSmith's Drugs fo Forest City, Inc. dba Smith Drugs02-JUN-10
OxygenLake Welding Supply Company08-JUN-10
OxygenJ & A Medical Home Care Inc. 10-JUN-10
Oxygen, Compressed U.s.p.Techgas Inc.10-JUN-10
OxygenAdvocate Home Care Products11-JUN-10
OxygenZurcare dba Reliable Medical14-JUN-10
OxygenMississippi Welders Supply Company, Inc.14-JUN-10
OxygenArkansas Home Medical15-JUN-10
Degree Fresh Oxygenantiperspirant And DeodorantConopco Inc. d/b/a Unilever16-JUN-10
OxygenJenco Medical and Mobility, Inc16-JUN-10
OxygenFairmont Home Equipment & Supply18-JUN-10
OxygenMon HealthCare18-JUN-10
OxygenPooch Welding Supply Company, Inc.18-JUN-10
Helium Oxygen MixtureAir Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC20-JUN-10
Ez-ox PlusAir Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC20-JUN-10
Ez-oxAir Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC20-JUN-10
Helium Oxygen MixtureAir Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC20-JUN-10
Carbon Dioxide Oxygen MixtureAir Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC20-JUN-10
Ez-ox PlusAir Liquide America L.P.20-JUN-10
OxygenC & C Oxygen Company21-JUN-10
OxygenPrescription Oxygen Service21-JUN-10
OxygenAmerican Welding & Gas22-JUN-10
OxygenCryogenic Gases Inc a division of Metro Welding Supply Corp22-JUN-10
OxygenButler Gas Products Company22-JUN-10
Helium Oxygen MixtureAirgas Intermountain Inc22-JUN-10
OxygenPure Process Medical & Scientific Gases, LLC23-JUN-10
OxygenCornerStone Medical Services-Midwest LLC25-JUN-10
Carbon Dioxide Oxygen MixtureAir Liquide Healthcare America Corporation25-JUN-10
OxygenAir Liquide Healthcare America Corporation25-JUN-10
Helium Oxygen MixtureAir Liquide Healthcare America Corporation25-JUN-10
OxygenIsland Respiratory Care, Inc01-JUL-10
Oxygen, RefrigeratedBreath of Life LLC12-JUL-10
OxygenOxygen Plus19-JUL-10
OxygenMediserve Medical Equipment, Inc.23-JUL-10
OxygenAir Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC28-JUL-10
OxygenLessors, Incorporated29-JUL-10
OxygenABCO Welding and Industrial Supply Inc30-JUL-10
Liquid Oxygen Pedi Stat Inc.10-AUG-10
OxygenArkansas Welding & Industrial Supply12-AUG-10
Helium Oxygen MixtureAir Liquide Healthcare America Corporation15-AUG-10
OxygenUnited Welding Supply Co., Inc16-AUG-10
OxygenLogan Hagan Welding Supply, Inc.16-AUG-10
Oxygen, CompressedCLEAN-OX, INC16-AUG-10
OxygenMiddlesex Gases and Technologies, Inc.18-AUG-10
OxygenJames Oxygen and Supply Company23-AUG-10
OxygencompressedMonroe Welding Supply, Inc.24-AUG-10
OxygenAir Care Home Health Inc25-AUG-10
OxygenMedicor Homecare, Inc. 25-AUG-10
OxygenAir Liquide America L.P.27-AUG-10
OxygenHometown Medical LLC30-AUG-10
OxygenAlpinAire Healthcare31-AUG-10
OxygenAspirus Keweenaw Home Medical Equipment03-SEP-10
OxygenShaw Oxygen Company, Inc.14-SEP-10
OxygenHumphries, Inc.20-SEP-10
OxygenAGP LLC01-OCT-10
OxygenNorthern Welding Supply01-OCT-10
OxygenMed Resources, Inc.01-OCT-10
OxygenNorthern Welding Supply01-OCT-10
OxygenThe Service Center LLC05-OCT-10
OxygenAir Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC05-OCT-10
OxygenMercy Home Care-HME05-OCT-10
OxygenGeorgia Oxygen & Home Health05-OCT-10
OxygenAmerican Welding & Gas Wil05-OCT-10
OxygenAir Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC05-OCT-10
Carbon Dioxide Oxygen MixtureGeneral Air Service & Supply Co07-OCT-10
OxygenAir Liquide Healthcare America Corporation08-OCT-10
Ez-oxAir Liquide Healthcare America Corporation08-OCT-10
Ez-ox PlusAir Liquide Healthcare America Corporation08-OCT-10
Helium OxygenAirgas National Welders12-OCT-10
Helium OxygenAirgas National Welders18-OCT-10
OxygenRobinson's Industrial Gas and Equipment Corp19-OCT-10
Helium OxygenAirgas National Welders20-OCT-10
OxygenSanford HealthCare Accessories, LLC26-OCT-10
OxygenTwo MP Investments, Inc. dba Respicare28-OCT-10
OxygenMachine and Welding Supply Co.08-NOV-10
OxygenP and J Oxyfill, LLC10-NOV-10
OxygenMabscott Supply Company10-NOV-10
OxygenQuality Home Oxygen, Inc10-NOV-10
OxygenSeeley Enterprises Inc12-NOV-10
OxygenAlloy Oxygen & Welding Supply Co. Inc.15-NOV-10
OxygenPrice Rite Medical Equipment, Inc.16-NOV-10
OxygenAmMed, Inc.16-NOV-10
OxygenAllen Medical, Inc23-NOV-10
OxygenNorth Central Medical Supply, Inc.30-NOV-10
OxygenArcet Equipment Company30-NOV-10
OxygenStar Weld06-DEC-10
OxygenGeneral Distributing Company15-DEC-10
OxygenTexas Welders Supply Company17-DEC-10
OxygenThompson Brothers Supplies, Inc.20-DEC-10
Carbon Dioxide Oxygen MixtureAirgas Intermountain Inc20-DEC-10
OxygenTechnical Gas Products, Inc.20-DEC-10
OxygenR. N. Goss Gas Products Company20-DEC-10
OxygenDepke Welding Supplies, Inc.20-DEC-10
OxygenILMO Products Company21-DEC-10
OxygenGeneral Welding Supply Corp.21-DEC-10
OxygenAnn Arbor Welding Supply Co., Inc. DBA Arbor Specialty Gases21-DEC-10
OxygenVisiting Home Care Services Inc. dba VNA Medical Equipment and Supplies22-DEC-10
Helium/oxygen Mixture 80/20General Air Service & Supply Co22-DEC-10
OxygenScott-Gross Company, Inc.22-DEC-10
Helium/oxygen Mixture 70/30General Air Service & Supply Co22-DEC-10
OxygenOhio Valley Acquisition Corp dba Ohio Valley Medical Gas & Supply, Inc.22-DEC-10
OxygenAlliance Welding Supplies Inc dba Atlas Welding Supply24-DEC-10
OxygenTerry Supply Company27-DEC-10
Oxygen, CompressedFrontier Medical Equipment, Inc.29-DEC-10
OxygenGeneral Air Service & Supply Co30-DEC-10
OxygenMitchell Home Medical, Inc.31-DEC-10
OxygenSt. John's Medical Supply03-JAN-11
OxygenRoss Medical Supply Co. Inc.03-JAN-11
OxygenAmerican Home Respiratory Care, Inc.03-JAN-11
OxygenLubbock Oxygen & Medical Gases Inc. 03-JAN-11
OxygenAmerican Compressed Gases, Inc.05-JAN-11
OxygenEncompass Medical & Specialty Gases, Ltd.09-JAN-11
OxygenApple Homecare Associates, Inc.21-JAN-11
OxygenKeene Medical Products, Inc.21-JAN-11
OxygenDealer's Medical Equipment Solutions Inc dba Colorado Compressed Gases, Inc.01-FEB-11
OxygenFirst Community Care of Bassett07-FEB-11
OxygenPara Pharm, Inc. dba Medical Pharmacy11-FEB-11
OxygenNor-Lea Hospital District dba Nor-Lea Home Medical11-FEB-11
OxygenH & C Oxygen, Inc.14-FEB-11
OxygenBoone Drugs, Inc14-FEB-11
OxygenProcaire, LLC14-FEB-11
OxygenAmerica's Healthcare At Home, Inc. 14-FEB-11
OxygenCOPD-LLC Respiratory Services14-FEB-11
OxygenS & G Home Care dba R & M Transfill14-FEB-11
OxygenAirgas East, Inc.17-FEB-11
OxygenLinco Medical & Supply Inc18-FEB-11
OxygenAirgas Intermountain Inc22-FEB-11
OxygenNortheast Home Medical Supplies Inc.22-FEB-11
OxygenMercy Home Respiratory Care and Medical Supply01-MAR-11
Nitrogen Oxygen MixNexAir, LLC11-MAR-11
OxygenHealth Complex Medical Inc18-MAR-11
OxygenMedical Comfort Systems Inc25-MAR-11
OxygenI.D.M. Medical Supply Company Inc.31-MAR-11
OxygenI.D.M. Medical Supply Company Inc.31-MAR-11
OxygenWhite's Inc.01-APR-11
OxygenVictor Welding Supply Company01-APR-11
OxygenAll-Med, Inc06-APR-11
OxygenAcetylene Oxygen Company13-APR-11
OxygenSuperior Oxygen & Medical Equipment18-APR-11
OxygenBroadway Home Medical20-APR-11
OxygenCoastal Med Tech, Inc. 22-APR-11
OxygenIsis Medical, Inc.26-APR-11
OxygenAdvanced Apothecaries Inc. dba Health Depot26-APR-11
OxygenLeeper Brothers, Inc.03-MAY-11
OxygenValley Medical Shoppe06-MAY-11
OxygenFox Welding Supply Inc09-MAY-11
OxygenCovenant Home Medical 12-MAY-11
OxygenCentral Montana Medical Center Home Oxgen 19-MAY-11
OxygenKent Welding Supply23-MAY-11
OxygenGalloping Hill Surgical Corp. dba Allcare Medical03-JUN-11
OxygenHome Health Resource05-JUL-11
OxygenAlert Respiratory Services, Inc.06-JUL-11
Oxygen Welding & Therapy Service Inc.22-JUL-11
OxygenWelding & Therapy Service Inc.22-JUL-11
Oxygen Norton Sound Health Corporation11-AUG-11
OxygenW. H. Goodale Co. Inc.11-AUG-11
OxygenAbbott Welding Supply16-AUG-11
OxygenStrate Welding Supply Co., Inc.23-AUG-11
OxygenPurepoint, Inc24-AUG-11
OxygenOxygen Support Systems Inc31-AUG-11
OxygenOlympic Pharmacy and Healthcare Services08-SEP-11
OxygenNLR Welding Supply, Inc.12-SEP-11
OxygenOxygen Service Company, Inc19-SEP-11
OxygenE-Z Oxygen LLC22-SEP-11
OxygenCryo Weld Corporation03-OCT-11
OxygenTru-Care Medical, Inc.05-OCT-11
OxygenHolston Gases, Inc24-OCT-11
OxygenSouthern Gas and Supply LLC01-NOV-11
OxygenSky Oxygen01-NOV-11
OxygenWyandotte Welding Supply Inc.14-NOV-11
OxygenEastern Medical Equipment15-NOV-11
Degreeinvisible Solid Fresh Oxygen Antiperspirant And DeodorantConopco Inc. d/b/a Unilever22-NOV-11
OxygenRegional Home Care, Inc. dba North Atlantic Medical28-NOV-11
OxygenRezk Medical Supply01-DEC-11
OxygenRice Home Medical LLC01-DEC-11
OxygenWagner Welding Supply06-DEC-11
OxygenALA Med dba Pulmonary Care Services08-DEC-11
Oxygen Linde Gas Puerto Rico, Inc13-DEC-11
Oxygen Linde Canada LTD13-DEC-11
Oxygen Linde Gas Puerto Rico, Inc13-DEC-11
Oxygen Linde Gas Puerto Rico, Inc13-DEC-11
Oxygen Linde LLC13-DEC-11
Oxygen Linde Gas North America LLC16-DEC-11
OxygenAlbright Welding & Supply Co Inc16-DEC-11
Oxygen Linde Gas North America LLC16-DEC-11
OxygenBickett Machine and Supply, Inc20-DEC-11
Oxygen, CompressedHome Care Pharmacy of Palm Coast, Inc.21-DEC-11
OxygenSYOXSA, Inc.26-DEC-11
OxygenWELSCO, INC.26-DEC-11
OxygenUnited States Cylinder Gas Corporation28-DEC-11
Helium Oxygen MixNexAir, LLC28-DEC-11
OxygenCapitol Welders Supply Co., Inc.29-DEC-11
Helium Oxygen MixEncompass Medical & Specialty Gases Ltd29-DEC-11
Carbon Dioxide Oxygen MixAIRGAS-NORPAC INC.29-DEC-11
OxygenA & B Welding Supply Co.18-JAN-12
OxygenA OX Welding Supply Company Inc.18-JAN-12
OxygenMercy Medical Center- Clinton dba Mercy Home Medical Equipment25-JAN-12
Colgate Baking Soda And Peroxide Whitening Oxygen Bubbles Frosty MintMission Hills, S.A. de C.V.27-JAN-12
OxygenInstitutional Care Pharmacy27-JAN-12
OxygenAeroflow, Inc dba Aeroflow Healthcare27-JAN-12
OxygenBluegrass Oxygen, Inc.30-JAN-12
OxygenCalifornia Tool and Welding Supply, LLC30-JAN-12
OxygenMelo's Gas and Gear, Inc.07-FEB-12
OxygenIvey Industries Inc.13-FEB-12
OxygenPlains Welding Supply, Inc15-FEB-12
OxygenProvidence Home Medical Equipment16-FEB-12
OxygenBayCare Home Care, Inc.17-FEB-12
OxygenRed Ball Oxygen Co., Inc.14-MAR-12
OxygenSouth Jersey Welding Supply14-MAR-12
OxygenGeneral Cryogenic Technologies LLC14-MAR-12
Oxygen Wilson Products Compressed Gas Co.06-APR-12
OxygenAirgas Merchant Gases, LLC13-APR-12
OxygenGlobal Medical LLC16-APR-12
OxygenScott Valley Respiratory Home Care Inc.26-APR-12
OxygenChildrens Hospital of Philadelphia04-MAY-12
OxygenChildrens Hospital of Philadelphia04-MAY-12
OxygenWolf Industries dba Grace Healthcare, Inc18-MAY-12
OxygenBradshaw's Industrial Supply, Inc. dba Interstate Welding Supply23-MAY-12
Oxygen, CompressedGulf State Chemical and Welding Supply Inc.24-MAY-12
OxygenWeiler Welding Company05-JUN-12
OxygenWeiler Welding Company05-JUN-12
Oxygen Maniilaq Association06-JUN-12
OxygenB&J; Welding Supply LTD03-JUL-12
OxygenKeen Compressed Gas Co. Inc.03-JUL-12
OxygenWestAir Gases & Equipment, Inc. 04-JUL-12
Oxygen Tech Air of Naugatuck LLC27-AUG-12
OxygenIndustrial Source17-OCT-12
OxygenMedical-Technical Gases, Inc.22-OCT-12
Oxygen Southern Gas and Supply of Mississippi, Inc.30-OCT-12
OxygenQuality Home Medical, Inc. 02-NOV-12
OxygenIWS Gas and Supply of Texas, LTD14-NOV-12
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Broad Spectrum Spf 25 Brightening Makeup - Gotta Know MeBenefit Cosmetics, LLC05-DEC-12
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Broad Spectrum Spf 25 Brightening Makeup - Believe In MeBenefit Cosmetics, LLC05-DEC-12
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Broad Spectrum Spf 25 Brightening Makeup - Im Pure 4 SureBenefit Cosmetics, LLC05-DEC-12
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Broad Spectrum Spf 25 Brightening Makeup - Cheers To MeBenefit Cosmetics, LLC05-DEC-12
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Broad Spectrum Spf 25 Brightening Makeup - Im So GlamberBenefit Cosmetics, LLC05-DEC-12
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Broad Spectrum Spf 25 Brightening Makeup - Im All The RageBenefit Cosmetics, LLC05-DEC-12
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Broad Spectrum Spf 25 Brightening Makeup - Warm Me UpBenefit Cosmetics, LLC07-DEC-12
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Broad Spectrum Spf 25 Brightening Makeup - Im Hopelessly HotBenefit Cosmetics, LLC07-DEC-12
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Broad Spectrum Spf 25 Brightening Makeup - Im Plush And PreciousBenefit Cosmetics, LLC07-DEC-12
OxygenAmerican Welding & Gas07-DEC-12
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Broad Spectrum Spf 25 Brightening Makeup - Im So MoneyBenefit Cosmetics, LLC07-DEC-12
OxygenPraxair Distribution, Inc.11-DEC-12
OxygenDJB Gas Services, Inc12-DEC-12
OxygenB & R Welder Repair Service, Inc14-DEC-12
Oxygen Clinical 1 Home Medical, Inc.14-DEC-12
OxygenEvergreen Supply Inc19-DEC-12
OxygenWelders Supply Company20-DEC-12
OxygenCompressed Gas Solutions Inc27-DEC-12
OxygenAndy-Oxy Co., Inc.28-DEC-12
Carbon Dioxide Oxygen MixtureSpec Connection International Inc29-DEC-12
Oxygen, Refrigerated Dona Ana Medical Supply DBA Silver City Medical Supply03-JAN-13
OxygenNorco, Inc.18-JAN-13
OxygenNexAir, LLC24-JAN-13
Colgate Baking Soda And Peroxide Whitening Oxygen Bubbles Frosty MintMission Hills S.A de C.V31-JAN-13
OxygenStrate Welding Supply Co., Inc.11-FEB-13
OxygenJernigan Healthcare, Inc.28-FEB-13
Fluorodine Oxygen White Fluoride AnticavityMultibrands International Ltd27-MAR-13
OxygenSparrow Medical Supply L.L.C.04-APR-13
OxygenAir Products and Chemicals, Inc.22-APR-13
OxygenBadger Welding Supplies, Inc02-MAY-13
OxygenSparrow Medical Supply L.L.C.02-MAY-13

Oxygen Case Reports

What Oxygen safety concerns are being reported by doctors and researchers in the medical literature?

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About Results

This report contains aggregated drug side effects and adverse events for Oxygen. The data has been pulled from the United States Food and Drug Administration's (US FDA) Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS), a database containing more than 4,000,000 adverse event reports.

DrugCite expands your query using the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) to include generic drugs and primary active ingredients. While the core of DrugCite's advanced drug filtering algorithm is based on the industry standard UMLS, DrugCite's proprietary filtering system also includes dozens of additional steps to reconcile malformed drug names in the FDA's data.

DrugCite only counts a drug if the submitter of the adverse event indicates that the drug is suspected to have caused the adverse event.

Depending on how the data is aggregated, different counts may occur. When someone submits an adverse event to the FDA, the submitter can attribute multiple adverse events to one or more drugs. For example, an individual taking Paxil could submit the adverse events "anxiety" and "suicidal ideation" for the same individual safety report (ISR). This means when DrugCite aggregates by adverse event, two distinct adverse events are counted in the adverse event graph; once for "anxiety" and again for "suicidal ideation". However, when DrugCite aggregates by individual safety reports irrespective of the details of the adverse events contained within the safety report, the report is only counted once.


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