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DrugCite was created by Alex Mayers and Daniel Murphy in 2011 with nothing more than a few spare servers in a garage. Since then, it has outgrown it's humble beginnings and expanded to Amazons Cloud Infrastructure while providing open FDA data to 2,000,000+ people. See what others are saying about our work:

One of the primary ways that the United States Food and Drug Administration monitors the safety of marketed drugs is the collection and analysis of reported adverse events (an event that was not the intended outcome of the prescribed drug and has a negative impact on health) through the FDA Adverse Events Reporting System (FAERS). These reports are submitted by physicians, healthcare consumers, lawyers amongst others, and then the FDA scientific staff will assess these events in the context of other databases to determine if a particular safety concern is associated, and possibly caused by, exposure to a particular drug. Since this is a public database and useful to prescribers and patients alike to know if "has what I'm experiencing been described in patients taking this drug before?" DrugCite has created a more friendly interface to answer that question. Use of this data should in no way be confused with the FDA's rigorous process of evaluating the potential link of adverse events to drugs as causal but merely represents a portal into what is currently being reported to the Agency.


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