Alaway and Somnolence

This page shows results related to Alaway and Somnolence from the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS). The adverse event Somnolence has been reported to the FDA a total of 4 times for Alaway.

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Safety Comparison of Somnolence in Alaway and Related Drugs

The Proportional Reporting Ratio (PRR) for Alaway and Somnolence is 1. The chart below compares this proportional reporting ratio of Somnolence for drugs used in similar therapies to Alaway. The higher the proportional reporting ratio is, the more likely a drug is associated with Somnolence.


NOTE: The PRR metric is still in Beta testing by DrugCite and is intended for use by researchers only.

People Reporting Somnolence Used Alaway For the Following Reasons

Of those reporting Somnolence, why were they taking Alaway?

Eye Pruritus
Ocular Hyperaemia
Eye Allergy

Scientific Publications on Somnolence

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